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Katrina (Director of RDG) was a customer of Jez. At the time Jez was thinking about employing an accountant and after hearing from Katrina about the services that we offer and the sort of business they already help, he knew we would fit the bill.

From employment to HR matters and tax returns to company accounts, we help Jez to ensure his business is running smoothly.

Previously Jez had never used an accountancy firm and so had taken care of his own tax returns. By leaving his tax returns for us to manage, not only does he have more time to take care of others areas but we have actually helped him to save money. Every year we will show him what he is spending and give him suggestions of how he can spend less or even cut unnecessary costs altogether. It’s not just his tax returns, we also help Jez with his employees, including everything from payroll to fulfilling obligations regarding auto-enrolment and being there if he ever has any HR issues.

Another key area that we manage is dealing with the HMRC on his behalf. We make sure that his accounts are in order and submitted on time, sort out his yearly summary and anything else that the HMRC requires. Every month we send Jez a detailed report, showing not only what we have done for him but also other important areas to help him manage his business.

“Russell, Katrina and the team are great! They take care of everything I need them to and I know that they will always be there for me if ever I need some support or guidance. The whole team are always helpful and efficient, by books are in order and everything is much more structured. I know exactly which deadlines I need to be working to and when. They are always very prompt in returning phone calls, emails and they definitely know what they are talking about!”


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Our Software Partners

Cloud based accounting tools are one of the simplest ways of managing the accounts for your business sand with your accountant.

If you haven’t chosen a software we are happy to help and advise you on which cloud accounting system will be best for your business and work with Sage Software, Xero Online Accounting software and Iris and QuickBooks Cloud Accounting software.

RDG Accounting are specialist sole trader & partnership Accountants who excel in responding to small business needs.

Get in touch with Russell to find out more about our start up accounting services.