Customer Service and why it matters

6th August 2021

“Always treat others as you’d wish to be treated yourself” that was a phrase that was drilled into me from a young age, and I feel it still holds true today. I have worked in a variety of roles throughout my career, but I have always striven to do my best to help my colleagues and those I was delivering my service to, both internal and external clients.

It is not that hard to do what you will say you will do; we are all busy people, but we have the technology around us and the skills to use it so there really is no excuse for not returning a call or replying to an email.

To some extent I think it’s a skill that a lot of people overlook yet we all moan about it when we don’t get the service we expect, here’s a few ideas to help get you started:

  • When a client visits you for the first time put their website up on your presentation screen
  • Find out about what your client likes and send them something as surprise gift, this works great for a new client.
  • After a few weeks of taking on a new client, call them and ask them if they are happy with how things are going so far.
  • For clients you have had a while why not send a regular update or newsletter about new services or staff changes, it helps them feel you are keeping in touch with them more.
  • If you can’t call someone back as you maybe don’t know the answer, send a holding email and explain what you are trying to do and when they can expect a reply

This week I received a call out of the blue from a former client; we had completed his accounts for him a few years back and then he closed the business and moved into another role.  He wanted some advice for a couple of new businesses that he was involved with, as a non-exec director, as their current accountants were not responsive and they wanted more support. He didn’t promise me any new work he just wanted some advice, and as a business mentor I happily gave him 30 mins of my time.

His parting comment was that he had been really impressed with how we dealt with him a few years ago and also how quickly I had replied to his request for help.

That 30 mins of my time is a great investment in my opinion.

If you look after the clients that you have then they will refer work to you and it’s the best and cheapest form of marketing you can get.

What’s the best customer service you have had and why was it good?

Maybe we can all share a few simple tips to help keep those clients happy?

If you’d like some more helpful advice for your business, then book a call with me and let’s see if I can help you make a few changes.

How many times do you sit on a Sunday evening contemplating the week ahead and feel that pit of dread in your stomach at the thought of another week rolling in towards you.  The same old crap to deal with, moaning clients, staff issues and not enough time to sort things.  You feel trapped in a relentless cycle of all work and no play.

But what if I told you that you can change all that?  One of my clients has done just that.  He and his wife had a dream.  A few years ago now they decided that they both were fed up of working and where they lived.  They wanted to move to the coast and run a holiday let.  They had no experience, but they went off and did their home work and checked into it in detail, and then they set themselves a goal of when they wanted to move.  It wasn’t easy, they had to sell their lovely house that they had renovated together, they gave up good incomes and family that lived close by and they moved to the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales.

They bought an old two bed cottage with a barn attached in 1 acre of land, it had no heating, no gas, and is halfway up a hillside off narrow country roads.

We all thought they were a bit mad and had “bitten off more than they could chew”.

But it was their dream, and now 3 years later they are gradually getting the house and the barn ready to welcome their first guests next year.  They have overcome massive hurdles with local planners and had to work part time to cover their costs, but they have this amazing cottage with views of Snowdonia in the distance and can see the sea on either side.  They grow all their own veg and have spare to sell, they keep chickens and have created a tranquil escape from their old lives.

Yes, they work 3 days a week but it’s in a lovely location and they get to spend 4 days a week working on the project or relaxing.

They go for walks on the beach, kayaking and swimming in the sea and are much happier and healthier than they were before.

They achieved this because they set themselves a clear goal and they worked together to achieve it. If you would like to look into your life and what you want it to look like, then why not call me and have a coffee?

I’ll give you an hour of my time for free and we can see what your dream is and if I can help you transform your business so you too can realise your dream.

What have you got to lose? Book a call with me and see if I can help you find the right balance for you and your business.

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