How to find the best clients

18th June 2021

Following on from my blog about getting your ideal life one key part of that is getting the right clients to make what you do now enjoyable too.

So I’m going to use the holiday let scenario to show you how.

Picture yourself sat outside this amazing property that you have created, chickens roaming freely, vegetable garden all neatly laid out, the gentle hum of bees floating around the flowers.  The sun is shining through the trees and you can see the distant mountain tops of Snowdonia just peeking through the clouds. The coastline is clearly visible as it meanders its way down to mid Wales and a few sailing boats are already out on the horizon.  It’s so peaceful, just the birds singing around you telling you their story and a few lambs bleating in the fields beyond.

Then just when your thought life was perfect your next holiday let tenant rolls up with 2 kids, a yappy dog and a crying baby. Your worst nightmare but “hey ho” you need the money right?

Wrong! What you need is to make sure that when you market the holiday cottage to only attract the people that you like.  That like the same things as you do.

So if you don’t like kids don’t make the cottage appealing to families with children, you do not have to appeal to everyone there are enough clients and businesses in the world to suit all manner of tastes.

Think about who your target audience are, what is your USP, who do you want to attract. If you want quiet couples that would love your home baked goods, fresh bread and eggs and want to learn about organic veg growing then you need to only talk to these people and you need to repel the ones you don’t want.

By being very clear what you are selling and to whom you are selling it you will achieve a much better relationship with your clients, and everyone is happy.

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