18th December 2017

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Established back in 2005, award-winning KashFlow provides small business owners with intuitive online accounting software. Today the company has thousands of users and has dedicated support teams in both the UK and India.

KashFlow was founded by Duane Jackson, a former web developer, who struggled using existing accounting software packages and outgrew using Word and Excel to do his invoicing and keep track of his accounts and finances.
In 2013, KashFlow partnered with IRIS, who at the time had over 50% of UK accountants using their software, giving KashFlow the opportunity to improve the features and benefits of the software.

Easily manage day to day accounts

This software helps business owners to manage their day to day accounts. Users can create and track invoices, record purchases, produce VAT returns, view insightful reports etc.
KashFlow isn’t a replacement of your accountant, the software gives you the power and knowledge to make better informed decisions based on your financial situation and keep track of the money coming in and out of your business.

Features and benefits

In addition to the above, KashFlow helps businesses to automate processes whilst also providing a plethora of essential and invaluable functionality.
KashFlow is easy to use. The software can be accessed anywhere in the world and uses no confusing or complicated accounting jargon.
The software can help you to improve your businesses cashflow and also saves time, increases productivity and increases customer service levels.

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