18th December 2017

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Founded in 1983, QuickBooks is a marketing leading accounting software package, helping a wide range of businesses to easily keep on top of their finances, helping them to grow.

Users can access valuable, real time information, to help make better informed decisions that will have a positive impact on the overall business.

Helping small and medium sized businesses thrive

QuickBooks is mainly geared towards small and medium sized businesses, offering desktop accounting applications which are also available on the cloud, giving users the flexibility to access information anytime, anywhere.

Business owners can use this software to complete business critical tasks such as accepting business payments, managing and paying bills, numerous payroll functions etc.

Everything from everyday organisation to invoicing and cash flow to reporting, are handled quickly and efficiently with QuickBooks.

Satisfying customers is essential

87% of customers say QuickBooks is essential for running their business, using their invaluable tools and receiving support, guidance and advice from an expert team, when they need it most.

QuickBooks can be integrated with a number of your favourite apps including; Google, Shopify, PayPal, Square etc.

Satisfying customers is essential for QuickBooks and they truly have your back. Automatic backups means no more IT nightmares, their software works across any device with access for up to 5 users and have peace of mind with security that you know you can trust.

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