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8th August 2016

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When both my wife and I first contacted RDG, our tax affairs were in a real mess. All the relevant information had been given to another firm of accountants, and after well over a year we were still no further forward, with HMRC hard on our heels for returns going back quite some time. Russell and his team worked tirelessly to get all the returns done and submitted them. RDG dealt with all the communication with HMRC on our behalf, and even managed to get the penalties reduced so the relief when this work was completed was tremendous. As a result, RDG now deal with both our personal and business matters, and I can thoroughly recommend their services. RDG give a very personal value for money service, and they are very pro-active and knowledgeable, and also handy as they are local to us. From our perspective, I am very happy to recommend them, and personally will use no one else.

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