Metro Rod

8th August 2016

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I run a franchised business with 11 employees. RDG took over my accounting last year, and reconciled my accounts much more quickly than my previous accounts had ever done, they sent someone to my offices which made things quicker and much more streamlined as anything that needed to be found or sorted out was able to be done so there and then. I was very pleased with the results; they are professional and thorough, advising where things needed to be changed and assisting me to achieve a sensible outcome for my business.

They look after my payroll, including childcare vouchers, student loan payments and are currently assisting in setting up my auto-enrolment pension scheme ready for my start date.

I like the fixed cost agreement meaning I know exactly what I will be paying during the year.

I would recommend their services wholeheartedly I have been very pleased and impressed with the level of service, from a simple question to a more complex setting up of a new part of the business.

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