Top Tips I’ve learnt over the years

25th June 2021

I wrote recently about being in Business and one of my followers suggested I share with you all my Top tips for things I’ve learnt in that time, so here you go….

My Top 5 Tips

  1. Always treat everyone you meet as if they are your next client – Why?  because you never know who they know and where your interaction might lead you.  Being polite and courteous costs nothing and it could gain you a valuable contact in the future.
  2. Never undervalue what you do or compare what you sell to someone else as I can guarantee that you will have something about what you sell that is unique and that can set you apart and allow you to charge accordingly.
  3. Make mistakes, and really think about them and learn from them and be able to admit you were wrong.  It makes you more relatable to your colleagues and will gain you more respect.
  4. Understand your business costs and cashflow, we can all buy and sell stuff but are we making any money at it or running around being busy fools? Turnover is just a number, remember it’s profit that allows you to take money from the business.
  5. Be happy, enjoy what you do and if you don’t like it find something else to do; life is just way too short to waste it trapped in a career you hate.

Sometimes all you really need is someone to share your thoughts, to give you that extra push to have the confidence to change what you are doing.  I really want to help you get your business working for you so please just book a call with me or meet me for a coffee and let’s see if I can help you make that change.

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