What is a business mentor?

24th September 2021

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As a business mentor I often get asked what I do, and why would a business need me.

Well, here you go……

As a business owner you may have started out a few years ago with a great idea, full of enthusiasm to make it work, and for a few years it all goes well, and business is good.  But as the years pass by bad practices creep in, procedures get changed, staff come and go, and the business can lose its focus.  When you are so close it, it can sometimes be hard to see exactly what the problem is, and how to fix it.  It may be that you are not getting paid on time and running out of cash.  You may find that internal systems are causing issues.  Maybe your sales and marketing has lost its focus and you can’t work out why.

Or you might be doing great, but you want to upscale and grow or start a new business and need some advice on how best to achieve that.

That’s where I can help.

I start by working with a business owner and talking about what it is that you really want from the business, what is your goal or end game.

Together we delve deep into what motivates and drives you and what you want to achieve from the sessions.

If it’s business issues that you want help with, then we take each area of the business and look at it in more detail, from the systems and pricing to the accounts and reporting.

Once we understand what the issues are we then work together each week/month and have regular check-ins to help you keep focussed on the changes that are required.

If you are looking to grow and develop a successful business, we can advise on how best to do this, help you understand the numbers, be a second pair of eyes to help guide you as you take the next steps.

So you see, by engaging with a business mentor, you are working with someone that can help guide and reassure you, offer professional support and advice and keep you focused to ensure that you succeed.

If you want to have a chat and see what we can do for your business, then give me a call and talk it over.

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