Where have all the staff gone?

7th June 2021

Where have all the staff gone?! 🗺️🔍

I’ve been seeing so many businesses struggling to get the right staff, especially in hospitality.

When chatting to a client this week about it, she said that she was struggling to find a chef for her restaurant.

Many enjoyed the change of pace in 2020, and didn’t want to go back to working such crazy unsociable hours.

Others can’t find experienced waiting staff.

…So here’s my two pennies worth!

1️⃣ Firstly;

How can we encourage young people into these roles? Can we make them feel valued with better training and higher aspirations?

For example, in France and Italy table staff are well trained and paid better than in the UK and working in hospitality is seen as a very good career.

2️⃣ Secondly;

How can we make our business attractive to the staff of today?

Staff want more than just a salary, and as employers we need to think about how we can offer more without it costing us much more.

For example, offering:
👉 Flexibility
👉 Trust
👉 A listening ear
👉 A strong ethos
👉 Thoughtfulness

It’s expensive to lose staff, and it’s costly to recruit.

So it’s time for employers to change their approach.

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